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Stand Alone Applications

Speed things up in your organization!

You may have never considered the possibilities of custom programming for your business or organization because the complexities and/or costs seemed too high. That may have been true in the past, but not anymore.

Simple applications can now be prototyped in a few days and completed in a few weeks with JCN's new rapid application development (RAD) tools.

All of our custom applications are cross-platform, meaning you don't need to worry about operating system compatibility. Our custom apps can be compiled to run in Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux from the some source code.
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Spend some time thinking about what would help you and your organization get its work done. Contact JCN and tell us about your business so we can explore some possible time and/or money saving saving ideas together with you.

Web Applications

A web application runs in a web browser. You use them all the time when you're browsing the Internet: search engines, shopping carts, diet calculators, banking interfaces, etc.

Add a web page to your site that pre-qualifies a client for you, have a member of your organization take a survey or cast a vote, give a psychic reading for fun. Again, use your imagination.
Image Notes:
  1. The screen shot at the top of this page is the status monitoring interface for an Executive Information System we developed for a government agency. The program extracted complex data from multiple legacy systems, archived it, processed it, and presented it in a concise user friendly display for management personnel. The old way: print a three inch stack of wide tractor feed paper every day, then have a staff person take an hour+ to manually extract pertinent information and type it into a spread sheet. (Prone to errors.) The new way: installed our EIS system: no wasted paper and they got back almost a day a week of productivity from an employee.
  2. The second screen shot is the control interface for a program that extracted text data from a government intranet web site, parsed it into a usable database and then plotted a map based on that data for use in the National Airspace System. Before our program was created this process was done manually and was so time consuming and error prone it was essentially impossible for the organization to continue to accomplish within their budget.