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Accepting credit card payments a necessity in business today, especially in restaurant and retail. Unfortunately, it is an industry that has earned a very low trust level. JCN has found a merchant provider that is worthy of your business: low transparent rates, no contracts, responsive customer support, robust direct integration with leading edge software.

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From the Cayan website:

Cayan offers secure, award-winning payment solutions and merchant account services to merchants nationwide. Since 1998, Cayan has helped over 100,000 merchants to securely process all forms of electronic payments. Cayan offers your business an easy approval process, no contracts, dedicated support and $100 best price guarantee. Cayan maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

JCN Customer True Story: A partner in a multi-site regional quick-serve restaurant chain was a sales associate of a competing merchant provider. At first they were not interested in other providers but compared rates anyway. Mostly for competitive research. They wound up using Cayan instead their own!