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Final Cut Studio

Need editing help with a big (or small) video project? Need to design, install, and train staff for an in-house editing suite for your organization?

Our Apple Certified Pros can make sure your projects run smoothly and help you get the most out of your state-of-the-art technology investments.

Example: The staff at the Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation needed assistance in finishing a tribute video for Harkins Theatres. They turned to JCN for a quick, cost-effective, solution.

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Harness the power of the new inexpensive audio and video technologies available today. JCN can help you or your organization use these incredible technologies to produce and deliver rich content to your employees, customers, students, etc.
Set up RSS feeds for your audio or video podcasts to let your user's mobile devices have instant access to your content.

Publish your podcast on Apple's iTunes and reach hundreds of thousands of people! JCN can help you do it!