Johnson Consulting Network, LLC


"Thanks Whit and thanks again for everything throughout this process. you have been extremely helpful throughout.

I look forward to meeting in person one of these days."
- Walker Chancellor, Owner, Diablo Burger

"I was very impressed with Whit's understanding of Light Speed and the application to my business. He has continued to be a tremendous help whenever I need it. I am lucky to have been referred to him to start up my retail business! "
- Alex Munter, Owner, Love and Lace

"Whit worked with the management team and the union to ensure the TAPS program was tested, training [54 employees] was accomplished and that implementation on the operations floor went smoothly. He worked within a short time frame -- from clarifying what has been a complex problem, to producing a precise, user-friendly, cost neutral resolution. This was all completed in an astonishing six weeks! "
- Edward W. Simpson III, Air Traffic Manager

"THANK YOU! I love your design idea for the webstore! It looks quite seamless to the rest of my website. Thanks for your help with this! "
- Alex Munter, Owner, Love and Lace

"Whit was a pleasure to work with on my new network setup. I have a small architectural practice and finally needed to replace my (can you believe it 9 year old system) He was patient with me, listened to my rantings about what didn't work and was able to get me set up with minimal down time to my business. He was on time and his follow up was appreciated. Call him! He is my Mac adviser as long as he's around."
- Ron Peters, Historic Streetscapes, PLLC

"Whit did an awesome job! Without Whit - my office could not be up and running!"
- Chelsa Olea, Owner, BMD Inventory & Packing, LLC

"Hi Whit. FYI. Wikis, website, emails are working at great speed. Thank you."
- Myra Schatzki, Director, H.O.U.S.E., LLC

"Whit Johnson is FANTASTIC! This is the 3rd time I have utilized an Apple Consultant, the first 2 times at the recommendation of the nearby Apple Retail store, but the FIRST time of have been 100+% satisfied. Whit is extremely knowledgable, thorough, and ensures the required service is met to the customers satisfaction. This is the person I will use from this point forward and also recommend to anyone who needs service. Thank you Whit for such excellent workmanship! "
- Tom Brady

"My task was an obscure one involving scripting for MS Word. Whit got the problem right away and found a solution. Part of my goal was also to learn more about scripting myself and his solution was helpful in that too."
- David K., Professor, University of Alaska

"Johnson Consulting Network has successfully worked on several projects for our office and business over the last many years. Starting back to when we first put in our second computer, they created a small network for our office. Many years later, we build a much larger office and they were the ones who set up our entire wireless system for the public besides our secure office network. I would recommend Johnson Consulting Network to anyone needing computer work, starting from the very small to very large projects. They are honest, trustworthy and most professional."
- Margaret Kyser, Executive Director, Eaton Community Hospice

"I have been the person responsible for developing and implementing web sites for two professional organizations since the mid-1990's, and Whitney's programming and economical solutions provided us with the look and functionality we wanted at a minimal cost. His solutions are creative and cost-effective.
Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity"

- Dave Benda, President, Benda Consulting

"OMG!!! That is so absolutely GORGEOUS! I can't wait to show it to everybody... I really had no idea where to start.
This is amazing...
I think you walk on water, by the way... "

- Sharon Todd, Fairbanks Free Radio

"...the ENL program was accepted nationally by the FAA and distributed to all 61 Flight Service Stations in the United States. In my facility alone, the ENL program has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in manpower, has effectively eliminated the errors that plagued our previous system, and has contributed greatly to the safety of the National Airspace System."
- Edward W. Simpson III, Air Traffic Manager

"Before I end up forgetting, I want to say thank you for everything that you've done for me... I know that many times, you went out of your way to help me and it didn't go unnoticed."
- Sincerely, Ronald J. Baril, Sr.

"Over several months, Whit worked closely with Phoenix TRACON to increase the efficiency of both the administration and use of the Information Display System (IDS) used by operational air traffic control personnel at both Phoenix TRACON and Phoenix ATCT.
Whit's work required close coordination (and patience) with Phoenix TRACON support specialists as numerous revisions and refinements were made to the software. The outcome has resulted in significant cost savings... What previously took hours, or even days, now can be accomplished in 10 to 15 minutes."

- Edward C. Faulk II, Support Manager, Phoenix TRACON

"The new layout is excellent.... Thank you again for your assistance."
- Peter Herlofsky, Mich. Assn. of County Administrative Officers

"Thanks for the tip on Yahoo. The site looks great. Thanks for all your effort and creativity!"
- Eric Wing, Owner, Lighthouse Recording, Inc.

"I'm getting nothing but positive responses on the website so far. Everything's looking good... Everyone believes the Service Corporation site looks great."
- J. Douglas Warren, Director of Communications, Mich. Assn. of Counties