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Apple Migration

JCN has years of experience with the Microsoft operating systems and continues to develop software and solutions for that platform. We are also long time Macintosh users and consultants. How long have we been using Macintosh? Is 27 years long enough? Which is, not coincidentally, how long the Macintosh has been around.
Apple's market share is on the rise. Their installed base has increased from only 3.2% five years ago to more than triple today: "Windows market share dives again as Mac nears 10%" .

With the release of the iPad more and more people are buying Macs and recognizing the benefits: Source: Computerworld.
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Also from Computerworld: “Nearly 80% of businesses have Macs in-house, nearly double the percentage that said they had users running Mac OS X two years ago” ... “This isn't Mickey Mouse; it's not just onesies and twosies anymore" ... “Apple's graduated into the big league.”

We noticed a true tipping point toward Mac OS when several IT professionals we know, whose mortgage payments come from supporting Windows, began buying Macs for home use.

We won't pitch Apple on these pages too much more, so if you want to dig deeper and learn about the issues involved in switching platforms to the Mac, please go to the horse's mouth at: Apple: Move to Mac

Did you know:
  • you can boot a Mac into XP or Vista if you need to?
  • Microsoft Office 11 is available on the Mac?
  • that server licensing is considerably cheaper?
If you have chosen to switch or are just starting to consider it, please contact us and we'll see if we can help you.